I often get asked, what is a village trustee?

A village trustee is an elected official. Trustees are elected “at large” which means they don’t represent a certain geographical area of Broadview. There are six trustees and a mayor on the Broadview village board.

The Broadview village board votes on public policy for the village, which includes how the village’s money is spent, land use issues, appointments by the mayor and legal contracts. Trustees initiate, consider and vote on issues that affect the everyday life of residents, businesses and property owners. These include economic development, public safety, road improvements and property conditions. The village board also addresses any concerns raised by residents.
The trustees make their decisions by listening to the needs of the residents and the staff recommendations.

The village board often has to make difficult and complicated decisions. If these decisions get a majority of the vote by the board, they become ordinances. For example, recently, the board passed an animal ordinance, which standardized the approach to dangerous/vicious animals and strengthened penalties for owners of these animals.

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