Street Sweeping
Street sweeping operations begin in the Spring and continue
into early Fall. Different sections of the Village are scheduled
weekly, during both daytime and nighttime hours.
In those residential sections of the village with few side drives,
most of the sweeping is done at night when autos are off the
street (in accordance with Village parking ordinances).
Your cooperation is urged to help keep our streets clean by
making an occasional “clean sweep” of the curb gutter in front
of your property. This habit keeps our streets looking good
and prevents debris from clogging up sewers.
Brush Pick-Up
Brush pick-up is provided by the Public Works Department
every MONDAY, beginning with the first Monday in April,
through the last Monday in October. Stack branches neatly on
the parkway, with the butt end of the branch facing the curb
(No grass clippings, weeds, or foreign objects). EVERGREEN
CUTTINGS go into your yard waste bag. Larger evergreen
branches (2 feet or more) may be stacked curbside. Place
branches on parkway after 6:00 p.m. on the day before pick-up
Refuse Pick-Up
Household Garbage
Household Garbage picked up is once a week. Residents are
allowed TWO *authorized garbage containers for weekly pick
-up. EACH ADDITIONAL garbage container requires an
identifying sticker that may be purchased at the Village
Business Office.
*Authorized Container/toter: All household garbage must
be placed in an authorized toter provided by the Village with a
capacity of 65 gallons. PLASTIC BAGS ARE NOT
AUTHORIZED CONTAINERS. All containers need to be
placed curbside or in the alley for pick-up AFTER 6:00 p.m.
on the DAY PRECEDING PICK-UP DAY and must be
Holiday Pick-Up
When your garbage pick-up day happens to fall on a legal
holiday, pick-up for that week will be made one day later than
your usual pick-up day. These are the legal holidays observed
by Groot Disposal Service: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day,
Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas

Spring Clean Up Day
Clean Up day is scheduled for the first Saturday of May.
Unlimited bulk items and unlimited amounts of refuse will be
picked-up. This does not include construction or demolition
debris normally requiring a special roll-off container.
Appliance Pick-Up
The Village waste hauler will pick up discarded appliances
that are placed beside your regular household garbage, either
curbside or alley, on your regular pick-up day. There is no
charge for this pick-up, but you are required to call the hauler
one day in advance to notify them of your need and your
address. (Phone number: 708-485-0900).
Recyclables are picked up once a week on the SAME DAY as
your HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE, but at a different time of
day. There is NO ALLEY PICK-UP of recyclables. All
recyclables are to be placed curbside for pick-up after 6:00
p.m. on the day preceding your pick-up day. For more details
on currently acceptable recyclable items and disposal
containers, —>click here<--- or call Groot Disposal (708-485-0900) or pick up an
informational pamphlet at the Village Office.
Yard Waste
Yard waste is picked up daily from April 1 – Nov. 30th. All
yard waste must be placed curbside in an authorized brown,
biodegradable paper bag after 6:00 p.m. the day before pickup
day. There is NO LIMIT to the number of bags picked up,
but EACH BAG must be properly identified with a Yard
Waste Sticker affixed to it. Stickers may be purchased at the
Leaf and Garbage Burning
It is against the law to burn garbage or leaves at any time in
any part of the village, as mandated by Cook County.
Leaf Pick-Up
Leaves are to be put into a yard waste bag NOT IN THE
STREET. Stickers are not required. Leaves piled in the street
present a safety hazard to children and vehicles, tend to clog
sewers, and make it awkward for Village pick-up equipment
to gather them.

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