Park District

The Broadview Park District Board and Director thought that they were above the law.  The Village ordinance calls for the contractor to pull a permit for any major work or construction performed in the Village of Broadview.  While the contractor usually pulls the permit, it is ultimately the responsibility of the owner of said property to ensure this is done prior to any work starting.  This was not the case as the Park District attempted to cheat the Village tax payers out of thousands of dollars by starting work at Schroeder park without a permit.  The building Commissioner promptly shut the job down once it was discovered and no work has commenced to date.

What are your thoughts on this attempt to defraud the taxpayers of Broadview?

4 Responses to Park District

  1. Joe says:

    I think it was good that they were brought back to reality. What makes them think that residents and other businesses have to follow protocol but they dont?

    • Concerned citizen says:

      I think that ever since the board terminated Director Katrina Thompson, the park has really gone down. I heard that the new director doesnt have a clue and is the reason that we lost $400,000 in grant money because of a lack of management skills. Can we afford these types of mistakes? I think not.

  2. Cindy green says:

    Change is needed at the park. Where are the programs? Why isnt the pool open and its 92 degrees out? Where is baseball and softball? Why do we pay taxes?

  3. Jerry says:

    I just heard about the burst pipes at the Beverly center. Is it true that it may have to be leveled because the maintenance man didn’t turn the heat on for the winter? If so how much has the this board of directors cost the Broadview residents?

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