Vehicle License (Stickers)
Vehicle Licenses go on sale in Broadview on March 1st at the
Village Offices, 2350 South 25th Avenue. Fees for passenger cars:
If purchased from March l to June 1 ……… $25.00
Seniors $10.00 (65 or older)
License Fees for Trucks, Tractor-Semi-Trailer units,
Recreational Vehicles, Motorcycles or Motorbikes vary.
Contact the Village Offices for the correct fee (681-3600).
After June 15th a penalty of double the fees will be charged
on all vehicles. Vehicle owners who do not display their sticker
properly on the windshield are subject to a citation.
Broadview buys its supply of Lake Michigan water from the
City of Chicago, and it is pumped to consumers via the
Pumping Station in Broadview at 10th Avenue and Roosevelt
Road, under the jurisdiction of the Westchester/Broadview
Water Commission, established in 1927. A million-and-a-half
gallon, overhead water tank constructed in Broadview in 1980
at 25th Avenue and Roosevelt Road assures an adequate
supply in the event of emergencies.
Water Billing
Broadview residents are billed for water, garbage, and sewer
services through the Village Office on a monthly basis. The
bill indicates the net amount due before due date, and the
gross amount due after due date. The gross amount includes a
penalty for late payment. A shut-off notice is sent after giving
the consumer 21days in which to make payment.
Partial payments are not acceptable. Incorrect payments are
returned, thus risking a penalty fee. Cash is not acceptable by
mail. Payment by cash must be made in person. All
“NSF” (non-sufficient funds) checks received by the Village
result in an immediate shut-off of service. A $50.00 fee is
required to reinstate service for ANY shut-off, except new
Certificate of Registration
All contractors and subcontractors are required to obtain a
Certificate of Registration from the Building Department
BEFORE beginning any work in the Village. A bond in the
amount of $10,000 and Certificate of Insurance are also
required. Certificate and bond fees are in addition to currently
required permit fees based on total cost of work being

Certificate of Occupancy
Before completion of sale of any property (residential,
commercial, or industrial), the property owner must obtain a
*Certificate of Occupancy from the Building Department.
This certificate is issued after Village inspections determine
that said property is in full compliance with all Village codes.
*(10-10.3) [Definition] Certificate of Occupancy is a document signed by the Building Commissioner certifying that a building, structure, or land area and use has been inspected and found to comply with the building and zoning ordinances of the Village.
Building Permit
A Building Permit is required for any changes or
improvements made to a residence, multi-family complex,
business, industrial structure, or empty lot. A Permit is issued
after Village inspections determine that said structure is in full
compliance with all Village codes. Painting or landscaping
DOES NOT REQUIRE A PERMIT. Installation of a
completely new roof DOES REQUIRE A PERMIT, but
replacement of a few shingles does not. Check with the
Building Department before beginning any work. The permit
fee is nominal and could save you expense and time.
Satellite Dishes
Any resident wishing to erect a satellite dish is required to
consult with the Building Commissioner to make sure all
building codes and ordinances are in compliance.
9-1-1 Emergency Service
Broadview citizens have access to the “Enhanced 9-1-1
Emergency System” to summon emergency police, fire, and
medical assistance. The “enhanced system” immediately
records the name and location of the caller on a computer
screen at the Police Dispatch Center. This aids a response in
case of an accidental disconnect. “9-1-1″ is to be used ONLY
FOR EMERGENCY. Non-emergency calls should be
directed to:
Police …………………………………………………..(345-6550)
Fire …………………………………………………….(343-6124)

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