Election 2015

I would like to congratulate all candidates who worked hard campaigning in order to serve as elected officials in the Village of Broadview.

Election Results are not final until certified by the Cook County Board of Elections. With that said, here are the preliminary results taken directly from the Cook County Clerk David Orr’s website:





2 Responses to Election 2015

  1. eugene samuel says:

    Thank you for the election results. I have not been able to locate them on the County Board site and when I conducted a Google search, I discovered you website for the first time.
    I think this website is very informative and should be shared with more people in the village. Your articles are detailed and thorough. The Home rule information demonstrated the positives and negatives and should be presented to the residents so that they can make an educated decision. When negative information is forced at people, they tend to believe it. I do see the benefits of Home Rule for our village and I work in a village that has made it work in a positive way. Let’s try to present this information on a continuous basis so that people can see for themselves where this could benefit the village. I don’t know if Home Rule could be put on the ballot again in the future, but continue to educate and demonstrate the benefits of Home Rule to the residents over time so they can better understand what they are voting for. Thank you for your service to our village.

    • Trustee McGrier says:

      Mr. Samuel,
      Thank you for your input and for discovering my site! While I was not initially for Home Rule, I did see the many benefits of being a Home Rule town. I agree with you, more education, more residents like yourself that can get behind ideas and trusting in the Administration that the residents have put in place are the things that will help to move us forward. It is and continues to be a pleasure serving you and the residents of Broadview and I look forward to another strong fiscal year in 2015/16 !

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