In the short time that I have been a part of the Sherman Jones administration, (2009 to current), our team has been able to accomplish quite a bit. As Chairman of the “Streets, Sidewalks and Alleys” committee, I played a special role in championing key ordinances, contract negotiations and initiatives (IN RED) associated with the Public Works Department.  A special thanks and acknowledgement goes out to Director Mathew Ames as without his hard work and expertise, none of these would be possible. Here is a list of some of the things we have been able to accomplish for the Village of Broadview:

  • Finished the fiscal year 2012 with a Budget surplus of $156,000
  • Finished the fiscal year 2013 with a Budget surplus of      $1, 478,00
  • Finished the fiscal year 2014 with a Budget surplus of $865,000
  • We have successfully passed three (4) balanced budgets in a row
  • A complete overhaul of the Public Works Department including State certifying our operators in the Water Department and hiring CDL licensed employees
  • Sale of outdated, inoperable vehicles and equipment
  • Restoration of Public Works fleet including the purchase of two (2) brand new dump trucks, 3 F250 Pickups, complete with plowing equipment in preparation for heavy snowfall, a utility Jeep, a Bucket lift truck, a Trackless all purpose vehicle, currently used for sidewalk snow removal and sidewalk grinding.
  • Resurfacing of Roosevelt Road, 17th Avenue, Cermak Road and Gardner (and other roads totaling over 5.75 miles)
  • Approved and began construction of the Roosevelt Road Streetscape
  • Appointment of new Police Chief Luis Tigera
  • Restructuring of the Police Department
  • Application and acceptance of a grant to hire a new Police Officer
  • Negotiation of new Police and Fire contracts which will save the taxpayers $$$$$ annually
  • Appointment of new Fire Chief Thomas D. Gaertner
  • Implementation of a uniform trash collection process including brand new solid waste and recycle bins, negotiation of contracts for Single Family and Multi Family and a reduced price yard waste sticker program
  • Negotiation of reduced rate Health Care expenses for Village employees, also saving taxpayers $$$$$$$ annually
  • Reduction in legal lawsuits (2 1 remains, Strip club lawsuit recently won), thus reducing overall legal expenses
  • Proactive meetings with Midwest Water Reclamation District to mitigate potential future flooding issues
  • MWRD Rain barrel Program
  • Addition of over 30 new businesses within the Village of Broadview including L.A. Fitness, Ashley Furniture and Deals, Corner Spot Cafe, Oreilly’s Auto Parts, Pizza Hut, Dominos Pizza, Jimmy Johns, CD 1 Cleaners, Starbucks, Weight Watchers and Checkers
  • Implementation of a Cross Connect program to protect our water system from contaminants
  • Creation of Quasi Criminal Ordinance which reduce expenses by 50% keeping adjudication local
  • Creation of the Community Liaison Program, giving Broadview residents first hand information on local Government affairs and events

  • Creation of a new, interactive Website which includes Board Meeting information, Budget information, Board meeting video replay and Automated Bill Pay

  • Purchase of a brand new Ambulance for the Fire Department/Paramedic team, to replace our older unit.

  • Secured a Federal grant to allow the purchase of a brand new Fire Engine

  • 50/50 sidewalk replacement program

  • 50/50 residential flood assistance program

  • Senior snow removal program

  • Title 35 cross connection program (sustainable revenue)

  • Salt storage dome

  • L.E.D. streetlight upgrades

  • Senior pace bus service

  • Approximately 1/2 mile water main replacement

  • Approximately 600 feet of alley improvements

  • Roosevelt road street-scape 18th ave – 23rd ave

  • Successfully defeated the Strip club in Lawsuit to keep them out of Broadview

  • We now provide LIVE STREAMING of Broadview Board meetings !



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