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Clerk Kevin McGrier

Allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Kevin McGrier. I am a 51 year old Real Estate professional and entrepreneur.  I am a 36 year resident of Broadview, Illinois.  I attended Walt Disney Magnet School and Graduated from Whitney Young Magnet School in 1984. Furthering my education at Triton College, I honed my skills in Business Management, Marketing and Accounting.

Applying those skills in the corporate world, I have managed small villages such as Robert Taylor Homes, Stateway Gardens, Henry Horner Homes, Lake View Towers on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago and most recently Humboldt Park. I have prepared and managed budgets that exceed Broadview’s current budget ten-fold.   I have managed as few as four (4) employees and as many as four hundred (400) employees.  I have exceptional writing and communication skills and have taught seminars on effective corporate and public communication.

Growing up as a teenager in Broadview, I enjoyed swimming at the Schroeder Park Pool in the summertime and played in the Pony baseball league at Sunnywood Park prior to it becoming the Broadview Square Shopping mall. I made many friends in Broadview over the years and have maintained close relationships through local softball and bowling leagues which I am an avid participant. I was a member of the Meridianites Bowling league who called the old Broadview Bowl home for many years prior to it’s demolition.

I worked for the Village of Broadview Public Works department years ago through the summer college program.  Broadview residents have  agreed that the Public Works department lacked good management prior to the current administration’s revamp. I am proud to be a part of that change which has brought back the needed services to the tax payers.

As your longest sitting Trustee in the past decade, I was able to ensure that these and other needed services were delivered.  Under the leadership of our new Mayor, this administration WILL continue to responsibly manage the budget through carefully planned spending,  effective management of our Police, Fire, Public Works and Building Departments and increased revenues all without raising taxes.

As your Village Clerk, there are many services that I will bring to the Village residents.  Voter Registration has been underestimated in the past and this will change.  One of my goals is to register each and every eligible resident in the Village of Broadview to vote.

My passion in life and my community is Economic Development.  Some may limit their idea of Economic Development to new businesses.  My definition of Economic Development is the “Improvement of Quality of life of residents in a given geographical area through; Health Care, Land Use, Housing, Transportation, Business Development, Jobs and Education.

I am very optimistic about getting Broadview back to the close-knit community that it once was and I dedicate my time, efforts and hard work toward reaching that goal.

Warm Regards,

Kevin McGrier


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